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About the Canton


Geographical Features

The West Herzegovina Canton was founded on June 12th 1996. It is situated in the Southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina along the border with the Republic of Croatia. It consists of the municipalities of Grude and Posušje, cities Široki Brijeg and Ljubuški, and the seat of the Canton is the city of Široki Brijeg. The Canton occupies an area of 1.362.2 ㎢. Three rivers flow across the Canton: Lištica, Trebižat and Ričina, and there is also the Blidinje Lake. The highest mountain peak is Pločno on Čvrsnica Mountain (2.228 m). The climate is Mediterranean, and continental in some parts.

Year of founding
km2 area
Employed persons


According to the latest Census, held in 2013, the West Herzegovina Canton has about 94,898 inhabitants, out of which 47,587 are women and 47,311 men. National structure of the Canton consists of about 98% Croats and 2% other nationalities. The average age of the population in the West Herzegovina Canton is 38.51 years.


Commerce of the West Herzegovina Canton has been one of the most stable economies in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the past several years. Private initiative and entrepreneurial spirit characterize the commerce in this Canton, which has resulted in the creation of new jobs. In the commerce of the West Herzegovina Canton, service and production can be particularly noted. Trade, as the most prominent branch of the economy of this Canton encompasses 42.4% of enterprises, employing 44% of the total number of employees and accounting for 60% out of total income of the Canton. The Canton abounds in agricultural areas. Out of the total area, 30,000 hectares are used as agricultural land, while 84,000 hectares are forest and forest land. The Canton has large possibilities for production in vegetable-growing, fruit-growing and viticulture. Capacities for milk and meat processing also exist. According to the Federal Bureau of Employment, 18,345 persons were employed in the West Herzegovina Canton at the end of 2017, which is by 178 more than at the end of 2016.

Administrative Organization

The West Herzegovina Canton has its own Constitution, Assembly, Government and symbols. In the composition of the West Herzegovina Canton there are the municipalities of Grude and Posušje, cities Široki Brijeg and Ljubuški, and the seat of the Canton is the city of Široki Brijeg. The Assembly of the Canton executes the legislative power of the Canton, and it consists of 23 deputies. The Canton administration is regulated by the Act on Canton Ministries and other Canton Administration Bodies, which clearly prescribes competences of the Ministries and other administration bodies. The Canton Government consists of a Prime-Minister and 8 ministers.

The Ministries of the Canton Government are as follows:

City of Široki Brijeg
Široki Brijeg
City of Ljubuški
Municipality Grude
Municipality Posušje
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