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Development Management

  • Managing and coordinating the process of creating development strategy of the Canton and monitoring its implementation, i.e. coordination in the process of evaluating and reporting the implementation of the strategy;
  • Monitoring the dynamics of development of the Canton and preparing analyses and reports;
  • Ensuring the compliance of budget planning and programming public investment with development priorities defined in the strategic documents;
  • Participation in drafting other strategic development documents of West Herzegovina Canton and strategies of higher and lower levels authorities;
  • Coordination of activities of the Government, ministries, entrepreneurs, associations, chambers, institutes, faculties, NGOs and international organizations regarding the monitoring of development and launch of development initiatives in the Canton;
  • Strengthening human resources and institutional capacities of Canton ministries and institutions, as well as municipalities in the process of strategic planning and implementation of projects;
  • Managing a base for development projects and coordinating the preparation of project proposals funded from the European Union's assistance programs;
  • Monitoring and coordination of the implementation of EU assistance programs and the entire foreign assistance in the Canton, and proposing measures for the purpose of improving efficiency of the use of the program within its competence;
  • Compliance of the use of assistance programs of the EU with other programs of technical and financial assistance open for use by the Canton;
  • Performing other tasks within the scope of work of the Office for European Integration of the Government of West Herzegovina Canton.
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